Established seedlings

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We cannot ship Established Seedlings to non-European customers because of import and CITES regulations and charges. However, we can ship seedlings, sterile and in flask. Please request a list of available species and please check with your plant health authority whether you need an import permit and/or a Phytosanitary Certificate.

Bifrenaria tetragona — intermediate from Brazil, regular spring flowerer £9.00
Bifrenaria wendlandiana — very floriferous Brazilian cool growing & compact. £10.00
Bulbophyllum campos-portoi — weird pendent inflorescences; Brazil (F/S) £12.00
Cadetia chionantha — see Dendrobium chionanthum
Capanemia therezae — tiny twig epiphyte with modest but scented flowers. £12.00
Christensonia vietnamica — beautiful lime-green flowers, white lip. mounted £15.00
Comparettia coccinea — scarlet flowered cool Brazilian species £10.00
Dendrobium alaticaulinum — cool, pink flower clusters, pendent, New Guinea £15.00
Dendrobium brassii — compact small New Guinea, long lasting pink flowers. £18.00
Dendrobium bulbophylloides — creeping mini with frequent fleshy flowers £22.00
Dendrobium (Cadetia) chionanthum — F/S white flowers compact alpine type £22.00
Dendrobium cruttwellii — small plant with pendulous greenish flowers £12.00
Dendrobium cuthbertsonii — (red x yellow) £15.00
Dendrobium eximium — most flashy of the Latourea group. £12.00
Dendrobium eyanthum — small, attractive Latourea like rhodostictum £15.00
Dendrobium forbesii — Cattleya-like in growth, repeat flowering. £12.00
Dendrobium leucocyanum — compact miniature; ice blue clusters, mounted £22.00
Dendrobium limpidum — compact miniature; potted or mounted £18.00
Dendrobium moniliforme — cool growing with crystalline white flowers. £10.00
Dendrobium subacaule — tiny red and orange ‘twigs aflame’! £22.00
Dendrobium subuliferum — F/S superb white flowers, purple anther £30.00
Dendrobium sulphureum — many yellow flowers like a mini vexillarius. £16.00
Dendrobium sulphureum x nardoides — long lived Oxyglossum cross, (F/S) £18.00
Dendrochilum javierii — cool growing, yellow flower spikes in spring £12.00
Dendrochilum undulatum — probably the largest flower in the genus £15.00
Diplocaulobium chrysotropis — scented ephemeral flowers; mounted F/S £15.00
Dryadella edwalii — cool growing Brazilian with many yellow blotchy flowers £12.00
Encyclia polybulbon — creeping miniature, flowering size, mounted. £12.00
Epidendrum stamfordianum — Near F/S, intermediate from C. America £12.00
Esmeralda cathcartii — mounted vandaceous; much sought after £12.00
Gomesa glaziovii — delightful alpine species with dangling inflorescences £9.00
Laelia crispa — beautiful white and purple flowers, cool to intermediate £9.00
Maxillaria chrysantha — (large F/S) golden yellow and red-spotted lip £17.00
Maxillaria cogniauxiana — tufted miniature with deep red flowers in spring £10.00
Maxillaria schunkeana — compact mini. (F/S) are the flowers really black? £17.00
Mediocalcar decoratum — flowering size, mounted. Orange/yellow flowers. £15.00
Neocogniauxia monophylla — scarlet flowered, cool growing gem; £16.00
Odontoglossum crispum — classic; white flowers blotched red. £12.00
Odontoglossum hallii — fast growing, yellow, white and chestnut – lovely £9.00
Odontoglossum naevium — white with red markings, yellow lip £12.50
Odontoglossum odoratum — fast growing, scented, chestnut and gold. £10.00
Odontoglossum wyattianum — strong seedlings, rich brown, purple striped lip. £12.00
Odontoglossum x excellens — natural hybrid, cool growing £10.00
Oncidium batemannianum — bright yellow flowers on six month inflorescence £10.00
Oncidium cogniauxianum — perfect miniature, regular butter yellow flowers £12.00
Pleurothallis leptotifolium — mounted F/S, terete leaves, pale yellow flowers £12.00
Pleurothallis restrepioides — flowering size £12.00
Pleurothallis secunda — flowering size £12.00
Polystachya clareae — bright orange-yellow flower clusters £15.00
Promenaea xanthina — small plants, silky leaves, butter yellow flowers. £10.00
Sophronitella violacea — small compact multi-flowered, rich deep pink. F/S £16.00
Sophronitis grandiflora — best strain of this magic scarlet Brazilian £18.00
Zygopetalum intermedium — scented, indigo flowers; terrestrial £12.00
Zygopetalum microphytum — smallest of the Zygopetalums, purple lip. £12.00
Zygostates grandiflora — white flowered miniature, green lip; some in bud £15.00