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Orchid of the month: December

Oncidium cogniauxianum Schltr.

The Perfect Miniature.

A description taken from The Organ Mountain Range, its History and its Orchids.

Oncidium cogniauxianum

Given that a principal requirement of this golden gem is a high humidity around the roots, the species goes on to break all other rules. It is found on the topmost, moss-covered twigs of trees in original forest, bleached by full sun, lashed by high winds and exposed to huge variations in temperature. But we have also found it flowering quite happily in the stable and gloomy environment of the under forest, so beloved by Oncidium truncatum and where no ray of sunlight penetrates.

It should be cultivated in small pots or on cork bark with moss around the roots, in good light and air movement always keeping the roots slightly damp. It is precocious and seedlings may flower three months after deflasking; the flowers appearing frequently and lasting three weeks or more.

Picture by Gordon Riemersma with thanks, of a plant grown from flask.

Flowering-sized plants available price £12 + £5 postage.