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If you are just starting with orchids, we can recommend plants suitable for window sill or for conservatory growing.  If you are an experienced grower, we may have thatspecial species you have been  looking for on our lists.  And if you are a nursery, we can provide flasks in commercial quantities.

Orchid of the month: December

Dendrobium leucocyanum

Dendrobium leucocyanum
Picture Rogier van Vugt.

This enchanting creeping miniature was described by Tom Reeve from a collection at 2600 metres in Enga Province, Papua New Guinea in 1979. It is a mat-forming epiphyte with globose pseudobulbs. The paired leaves are often tinged maroon in high light. The flowers arise in clusters of up to 25 from leafless pseudobulbs and are ice-blue-green but sometimes cream or violet tinged. They can last for several months. A real gem.

Price £22 plus £5 postage and packing.